Jurnal Perhotelan dan Pariwisata Triatma Jaya JANUARI - JUNI 2018

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admin Nuruddin Nuruddin Nono Wibisono I Nengah Subadra Ni Kadek Widyastuti I Putu Gede Syech Idrus I Nengah Subadra Ni Luh Christine Prawita Sari Suyasa Putu Chrisma Dewi Putu Agus Prayogi I Ketut Eli Sumerta Ni Luh Komang Julyanti Paramita Sari L.K. Herindiyah K. Yuni I Made Bayu Wisnawa I Nengah Aristana Ni Wayan Mekarini


History of human life in the past, one of it, can be seen from the documents left behind. The tourism business sector seems to be the most viable option to develop it. The approach can be done is to manage the historic remains to be cultural heritage tourism. Gresik is one of the old towns in the archipelago whose histories can be known up to now, one of them is a relic of a site that tells about Lasem village, as Desa Perdikan (independent village) of Majapahit Kingdom. The historical remain in this case is Situs Ndalem.
The research approach used in this study is qualitative. The methods of collecting data in this study are carried out by systematic observation technique, semi-structured interviews with the determination of informants using purposive technique and documentation technique. The technique and method of data analysis in this study is started with data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusion which will be described in this article.
The effective strategy to increase and make the historic site as a cultural heritage tourism is with intensive strategy which consist of product development, market penetration, and market development. This study aims to review the historical site as a tourism destination, focusing on Situs Dalem. The reason is the historical values which were very important in the past time, because it involved the economic system of the great kingdom at that time. The hope, through this study of tourism of historical sites can be known by the present generation as a reflection, education, and the step to the future. Another goal is as solution for the ancient buildings which can be maintained and found in modern life and modern facilities and give productive value for economy of the surrounding community.

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